• Four examples of what you can make when crafting suncatchers

    Crafting Stained Glass Suncatchers

    This post is a step-by-step guide to crafting stained glass suncatchers. It covers the basics of designing, cutting, foiling, and soldering glass pieces together. The post also provides tips on displaying suncatchers to catch the light. It includes videos and inspiring design ideas from simple shapes to landscapes.

  • Antique painted stained glass window

    Embellishing Stained Glass with Paint

    Embellishing stained glass with paint transforms its magical glow, lending vibrancy, depth, and refinement. We uncover the specialized techniques and tools essential for this craft. From the selection of the right paint to mastering techniques like badger blending, tracing, and firing, this guide offers a comprehensive look into the realm…

  • Quality sign

    Judging stained glass quality

    Have you ever stood in awe of a stunning stained glass window or piece, completely transfixed by its beauty? There's just something magical about how glass can transform light into scenes of majestic color and artistry. Unfortunately, not all stained glass is created equal. So, how do you go about…